Father God, you are my Number One in this, my journal of Eucharisteo.  May you keep me reminded of that if I stumble off the path that always leads me to you.

2.  a father, loved and still alive at age 83

3.  a mother, though deceased, still alive in memories and dreams

4.  twelve little paws, all racing to find the best place in bed at bedtime every night

5.  a home, warm against the elements

6.  flowered, string lights in the bedroom to keep out the dark

7.  a computer, link to the world

8.  internet, link to the world

9.  a father's love, strong and true

10.  a mother's love, indescribable

11.  the rain, to refresh the air and water the wildlife

12.  the snow, to help freeze the ground and renew life

13.  banana cream pie, sweetness on my tongue

14.  dad, checking on me multiple times in a day, when I'm sick

15.  Porscha, laying on the floor, waiting for me to wake up

16.  the first birds singing, indicating Spring is on it's way

17.  Dale

18.  Dale's job

19.  Skype software that allows Dale & I to see each other when we talk

20.  Hot water for showers, washing dishes and hands, and washing clothes

21.  Sheets, freshly laundered

22.  Love kisses from the dogs

23.  Spring, life anew

24.  Socks, to keep my feet warm

25.  Soft, cuddly blankets

26.  New eyeglasses

27.  Brothers & sisters

28.  Candles, their sweet and lasting scent

29.  Pillows, soft and fluffy

30.  Kleenex

31.  Colors of the rainbow and beyond

32.  Puffy clouds

33.  Jeans that fit right and oh so good

34.  Soft, warm lips

35.  Kisses

36.  Electric blankets

37.  Privacy

38.  Medications for my depression and fibromyalgia

39.  Reliable transportation

40.  Squirrels, dancing about the yard

41.  Long distance service on the telephone

42.  Cell phones

43.  My favorite quilt

44.  Twizzlers

45.  Sombra

46.  Doves and their cooing

47.  Restful sleep

48.  Music

49.  Ziploc bags


The Lord is my light and my salvation - whom shall I fear?
The Lord is the stronghold of my life - of whom shall I be afraid? Psalm 27:1

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