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Please pull out your prayers of the biggest kind...we need help.  Vicky, who is a friend of Gitzen Girl has been told she has breast cancer this week.  Not only breast cancer, but invasive, agressive, and stage three.  She begins chemotherapy Saturday.

I have Vicky's button in my side bar and you can grab it to put it on your blog, or you can just link to Vicky's blog.  Please let Vicky know you are thinking or her or praying for her.

This is the post from Gitzen Girl:


YOU:create … for Vicky

"All Shall Be Well" is the phrase my friends
Vicky and Robin and I have been constantly
typing to each other this past week.

In this one week, Vicky's life changed
on a dime. Breast cancer just aren't
words a person is ever prepared to hear.
"Invasive" and "aggressive" and "stage three"
are ones you never want to hear behind them.

In this one week, Vicky has gone from an ultrasound
to mammogram to biopsy to diagnosis. Today she
will have a PET scan to be sure it hasn't
spread further than they think, and tomorrow
she begins chemotherapy.

One week.

A whole new world.

A whole new language of medicine and stages
and treatments.

But she will have the same people who love
her, standing with her and beside her. Loving
her and praying for her and supporting her
every step of the way.

Vicky was one of my very first blog friends.
She has peppered me with questions that have challenged me and prompted me to look deeper
and write deeper. She held me up when I felt
weak, and when our Dads died within days of
each other, we grieved together.

Now, we are going to fight together.

Will you join me in praying for my friend?

For my project this week, I created the
blog button you see above. That's our
smiling Vicky… all shall be well is her
motto. If you want to visit her blog and
leave her a comment of support, just
click on the button. If you want to
add the button to your sidebar, right
click within the box underneath to
select all, copy and then paste it
into your own blog. It will remain
available on my sidebar under "Blog

Thanks in advance for supporting and
loving on Vicky. She is one in a million."


The Lord is my light and my salvation - whom shall I fear?
The Lord is the stronghold of my life - of whom shall I be afraid? Psalm 27:1

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