Grace Under Fire

>> Monday, March 7, 2011

I am under attack from all sides right now, but I can still see light.  God will always bring me light, as long as I keep my eyes fixed on Him.

Father God, you are number one in my life.  May you keep me reminded of that if I stumble off the path that always leads me to you.

I thank you for:

a father, loved and still alive at age 83

a mother, though deceased, still alive in memories and dreams

a father's love, strong and true

a mother's love, indescribable

twelve little paws, all racing to find the best place in bed at bedtime every night

a home, warm against the elements

flowered string lights in my bedroom to keep out the dark

a computer, link to the world

the internet, link to the world

the rain, to refresh the air and water the wildlife

the snow, to help freeze the ground and renew life

banana cream pie, the sweetness on my tongue

Until next time,
Keep it from the heart,


The Lord is my light and my salvation - whom shall I fear?
The Lord is the stronghold of my life - of whom shall I be afraid? Psalm 27:1

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