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>> Saturday, June 19, 2010

While I was on my extended vacation in Iowa, I visited my aunt in a care center in Marion.  For those of you not familiar with Iowa or the Cedar Rapids area, Marion is situated between Cedar Rapids and Anamosa. I'm sure you know exactly where it is now, right?  Anyway, I visited several times, but on the second visit, I took Aunt Virginia a new quilt for her bed and discovered she didn't have a top sheet on her bed.  She had a bottom sheet, but no top sheet and her roommate didn't have one either.  Well, I immediately went to the nursing desk and asked if that was standard procedure.  They said it was not and would correct the situation.  So, as we left, someone was coming into her room to put the top sheets on the beds.

On our next visit, there was no top sheet on her bed again, but her roommate had one.  I was getting a little frustrated and marched myself up to the nursing desk again.  They assured me it must have been the fault of the first shift and they would get the sheet on the bed.  Now you have to understand, Aunt Virginia has dementia setting in, so she is probably not aware that she has no top sheet at times...she just knows she has covers, be it a blanket, quilt, etc.

The remainder of our visits were always a mystery...was there going to be a top sheet today?  On only two occasions was there a top sheet on her bed and one of those days they didn't manage to get the quilt on the bed.  I'm sure the nursing staff was sure glad when the niece from Texas didn't come for visits anymore, but my aunt(her sister) and uncle(her brother) that visit her all the time are now aware of the problem and they are going to continue to follow up on the top sheet crisis.

I know the staff at care centers are typically overworked and underpaid, but the dignity of the patients should be preserved at all costs, no matter their state of mind.  I doubt they leave the top sheets off their beds.  Do you have a top sheet on your bed?  Think about it when you get into bed tonight...I think about it every night now.

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