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>> Friday, May 21, 2010

Since my last post, God has been showing me all the ways I should be letting go and giving my fear to Him.  In the blogs I read and my bible readings and even the books I'm reading.  I know all this is right to begin with and with all this gentle prodding from God, I am becoming stronger and stronger in my faith that He is the one to handle my fears.  NOT ME.  I have to TRUST Him to deliver me from the evil I fear.  He IS enough.

The next couple of weeks I am on vacation with my father in Iowa.  He is aging and has been driving himself from Texas to Iowa to see his brothers/sisters for the past few years.  This year he didn't feel confident enough to make the trip alone, so he asked me to help him drive.  Since I don't work, I am able to stay the three weeks or so that he wants to stay.  Actually, I think he would stay longer if it was just him, but since we are leaving the dogs in my husband's care, dad is coming home sooner.  Dad doesn't like them left alone too long during the day, but my husband has to work.  I won't let him retire!

There was a dinner last evening for my dad's high school graduating class at the Hale Supper Club.  They meet at different places around Anamosa, IA (where my dad is from) each month and have a great time.  There's lots of talking and laughing and eating.  Last night there were 21 attending, 19 of them over the age of 80 - two of us were daughters - it was wonderful to see them enjoying each other's company and telling stories on each other.

 My dad - doesn't he look hungry????

And my Aunt Vernice tagged along with us too!

I feel very fortunate to have time with family, no matter how old or young.  We grew up away from all of them...we were the "rebels" - my dad was in the service and then worked on the space program. So we didn't live in Iowa near the family...we just visited.  We did come to live for awhile, but the whole family didn't stay and we missed them, so we moved back to Texas...crazy, huh?  What were we thinking????  I miss it so much!!  I miss the family and I miss our friends.  One day...

Until next time,
Keep it from the heart,


Karen May 21, 2010 at 3:06 PM  

I think it is funny that you guys were the rebels and left Iowa and want to come back and be around family..........cuz I am the rebel in Iowa and with the difference in the ages between my brothers, sisters, and cousins....I just don't see anyone in the family and it is okay. You are like my dad. Family is everything to him and he would love it if all of us kids were more like you....hanging out with each other all the time! I used to be the rebel cuz single, no that married with kids, I am the rebel because not Catholic and born again!!! Oh well....would rather be a rebel for God! Hope you have an awesome visit and the pic of Aunt Vernice isn't that bad!

The Lord is my light and my salvation - whom shall I fear?
The Lord is the stronghold of my life - of whom shall I be afraid? Psalm 27:1

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